This is the home of the free Lyme Resource Computer Cd.

The zip file was last updated December 2017




This is an open letter that may be shared and reposted, in its entirety.


Chronic Lyme is frequently misdiagnosed as ALS, CFS, FMS, MS, Parkinson's and many others. Perhaps you or a loved actually has Chronic Lyme instead of one the above? If so there is HOPE and a way towards health!


It seems in the world of misdiagnosed Chronic Lyme it's hard to get antibiotic treatment and if you can itís even harder to get any insurance company to pay for it.


The good news is there are treatments that folks are doing that seem to help and they are way less expensive than antibiotics. And many seem to think they might be safer too!


In no particular order here are some of them: herbal supplements, Rife type electronic machines, Colloidal Silver, Salt/C regimen. They are even more!


Note I am not a doctor and do not prescribe or recommend treatments. But I do collect information on what others are doing and how its working for them.


I have a free Computer text CD of information that I have collected over the last couple years helping my wife fight Chronic Lyme. And yes she is doing MUCH better now than she was then! Praise God! She has not had any regular antibiotics other than an initial short term dosage two years ago.


There is no copyright information on the CD but simply information I have gleaned from reading literally 100s of emails a day form different support groups and other web based data. I pick and choose what seems to me the most relevant. It is not a comprehensive set of data by any means but it does contain allot of gems.


The information is broken down in easy to find categories, such as Related Symptoms, Body, Other Illnesses, Treatments, Research etc. Note this is full of text documents and is NOT a music CD or video DVD.


Note you can download the information in a single zip file (About 350 megabytes) from my website at:


When you download the file I suggest simply storing it on your desktop. You can then open it as a folder and read it.


If find it useful I would appreciate an email. That way I will know to continue the ministry. As long as folks find it helpful, I will continue.


Scott Adams