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Good-Bye to Everquest

I have cancelled all my Everquest accounts and cancelled my pre-orders of LoY extension to EQ. 

I have quit EQ before but have always come back after awhile. In those cases though, I just went from EQ to another online game with the same problems. This time I am NOT just transferring to another online game.

My Reasons.

I want to outline my reasons, as I know I will be asked, and also so they are clear in my own mind. 

These are in REVERSE order of importance. The first is least important the last one listed the most.

1) EQ becomes Boring. 
I have gotten high enough to see what the high end game is. It is constant camping and waiting for monsters to spawn, some on very long timers measuring in days. The experience grind gets worse and worse. You do the same thing over and over for mind numbing hours. I have tried to avoid this part of the game but I can see it is there big time.

I know HOW to play EQ very well. I have about 10,000pp in assets amongst my different characters. I have a hydra of 5 characters I play at once. One of the thrills of a game for me is learning new things and figuring out how to play efficiently. I feel I have learnt enough in EQ. 

I have beaten the game in my mind. I can stop now. I may come back someday ad I do not know the future. But right now I have had enough EQ.

2) Level based game. 
Hard to actually play with friends. Unless you are within the same level range of a friend it is hard to play with them. 

3) Poor quest system. 
I love doing quests and completing them. Problem in EQ is when you get a quest you have no idea if you can actually complete it not. Yes there are numerous web site devoted to cheats for quests, but that takes the fun out of the game. I love the Dark Age of Camelot quest system. If you get a quest you know you can do it!

4) My Rude behavior. 
No way to stop quickly or play for short periods. EQ requires you to set up in an area and then play for an extended period there. It is very difficult to pause to handle a Real Life interruption. This makes me rude and hard to live with. Not a good thing.

5) EQ Demands commitment. 
I recently helped a young friend to close out his EQ account. He had been playing for about 7 months and it had gotten to the point that it was ruining his relationship with his family. When he was in game giving away his items it was mentioned he was finally quitting the game. Someone nearby replied "I wish I could do that, I am so addicted". Then once he had given away his last item his final words were "Maybe now I can get my life back". 

EQ requires a commitment that many end up giving it. It sucks one of our most precious resources from us. 


There are many things I would like to be doing with my time but I find myself in EQ allot instead. Not good.

There are many other things I want to do with my time. Here are a few...

a) Family interactions. This has suffered due to my time on EQ.

b) Being creative. I have started writing a new game and I need time to work on it.

c) Enjoying other recreations. There are many other games out that I want to try. There are movies I would like to see. There are horse trails I want to ride. All these things I have not done as I might have. EQ sucks my playtime dry. 

My future without Everquest.

My Family will be getting more of my time as will my horse!

I still plan to play computer games and write them. I just want them either to have a pause key or be able to be played for short periods at a time.

I have started playing Never Winter Nights. It has many of the fun things of EQ. Exploring, fighting mobs, rescuing the damsel in distress. I can play it with others. I am currently running a campaign with my son-in-law. Unlike EQ, we can pause and pick it up whenever we want. Also I can jump in a play as a single player for short periods if I like. Again no pressure. And if I want I can design and run a module for others to play. Great creativity potential.

I have Sim City 4 and want to play with it. I see Unreal II is out and I am also on a number of interesting Game betas.

I plan to look at Star Wars Galaxy when it comes out. It may have the option to play for short periods etc. If so I may enjoy it. If it looks to have the same problems as EQ then I will steer clear. The same goes for any online game. I love trying games and learning about them. I do not want to get hooked into another games with the same problems of EQ.

For any out there that feel they are addicted to an online game and do not know how to quit I recommend the following site: 

For those who love someone addicted to an online game you might want to look at:

For those on my EQ games list it will remain open for now. You may wish to also join my general computer gaming list at this time. I may eventually shut down the EQ list but I will give folks notice before I do.

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