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Update (3/15/19) This site is inactive, please see

Clopas' main website at  for the latest on Scott Adams

Update (12/08/17) Clopas

The Inheritance  is no longer available for purchase as of 7/27/17.

Anyone who purchased the original will get the new revised version when it releases as a free download. Lots of changes, fine tuning and effort is going into the rewrite.

For now though, the rewrite is on hold. We are concentrating on a totally new game Escape the Gloomer an Epic Adventure of Redwall 

More information at on Facebook

Update (11/06/17) GameChurch Podcast Interview

I was interviewed by GameChurch during the Christian Game Developers Conference

Update (4/16/17)

In anticipation of additional platforms and a total fine-tuning of the game, the Digital version of The Inheritance  is reduced to $9.95. The boxed versions will not be replenished when the current inventory (handful left) runs out. Note all users with emails on file will receive free updated digital versions when this occurs.

This will not occur probably until sometime in the fall as I plan to spend a lot of time beta testing and retuning before the rerelease.

Update (3/31/16) David Taylor Podcast on Adventureland

A great podcast on my first classic game Adventureland. The first 30 seconds is a digital voice and is NOT indicative of the rest of the feature. Feel free to skip that if you find it annoying. Other than that little nit I found this very enjoyable. Sprite Castle 027: Adventureland

Update (3/24/13) Full Feature in the Platteville Journal

Throughout the years, I’ve gotten a lot of letters from folks all around the world who’ve played my games. Each person has shared a bit of their story, giving a glimpse into ways that I’ve impacted their lives. You never know what is going to touch someone, and I find these stories incredibly inspiring.

I also find their present-day adventures intriguing. In this new age of instant communication, friends become fans, games become teachers, and then we all become next door neighbors. Enjoy this first installment of a new monthly feature that shares the stories of these connected lives.

Adventurer of the Month: Rusty

Rusty Trimble is a writer of both illustrated children's books and adult novels of the noir genre. He is currently working on a children’s book based on Scott Adams’ Pirate Cove. Read the introduction and Chapter 1 here.

Rusty has completed nine books for children based around his son Andrew who stars in each story. His first adult novel, The Hitmen Narratives, is a series of short stories revolving around one of the most evil of professions, the professional killer.

 As the father of an Autistic child, he hopes the sales of his books will provide funding to raise money to seek research and treatment for children with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. To that end, 50% of all profits from any book are pledged to like causes.





Update (3/19/13) Full Feature in the Platteville Journal

Last month, I sat down with Steve Prestegard, editor of the Platteville Journal. What I thought was going to be a short announcement about my new game turned into the entire front page of the SouthWest section. Here’s an excerpt from the article:


The Inheritance of Scott Adams

The computer gaming pioneer is back with the text game “The Inheritance.”


By day, Scott Adams is a senior programmer for AVISTA in Platteville, where he has worked since the late 1980s. On his off hours, Scott Adams is one of the pioneers of computer gaming, dating back to when computers had entire kilobytes of memory and when the Internet was known only to the Defense Department and a few computer geeks.


Adams didn’t realize he was considered a gaming pioneer until the advent of the Internet and email, when he started getting emails about the impact of his early work.


Adams is back in gaming with the release of “The Inheritance,” which he describes as “interactive fiction,” or “a text adventure game with sound effects. So it’s a reading and thinking game. You’re put into an environment; you tell me what to do.


“If you play the game for a half-hour — set the timer — and if you can get up and not think about it, it’s not for you. The game is going to continue to make you think about what you want to do next.”

Read the rest of the article here.


Update (2/14/13) The Inheritance is now available!!

The Inheritance click HERE!

Update (12/5/12) The Inheritance Preorder and demo page now live!

The Inheritance Preorder and Demos click HERE!

Update (7/7/12) The Inheritance Facebook page

I have setup a Facebook page for my new game The Inheritance. Please click Like on the page!

I am currently using it keep me focused on writing the game. So if I don’t post updates there feel free to nag me!

Update (11/30/10) New Interviews and Interesting Link!

Note the interesting link added just over to the right. This is not a paid advertisement but something I heard about and thought worth sharing!

Also the links page has a new set of  interviews at Matt Chat:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Update (3/12/09) New Interview

The links page has a new interview at Programmers Heaven: Are Games More Fun Now?


The Free Lyme Resource Cd has a new home at Lyme-Resource.

Update (07/03/09) Interesting reviews of my classic games

A fun walk down memory lane as a blogger replays my 12 classic adventures. 

Here’s the link to the start, the rest can be found in the index there …  Announcing the Great Scott Project


My wife has been battling Chronic Lyme Disease for 2 years now. She has improved greatly with limited antibiotic usage.

I host an alternative support group on Yahoo groups. I also have a computer CD of all the things I have learned about Lyme disease that I will send out free postpaid to anyone who desires a copy in the US/Canada. Email me a mailing address if you would like one.

Also if you have or know someone diagnosed with FMS, ALS, CFS you might want to start doing some reading!

Update (03/10/09)

Added the Windows PDA version of my classic games to download section. Conversion done by Stephen Wood!

Update (05/13/08)

Adventurecon Cancelled

The promoter has cancelled the expo.

Update (03/30/08)

Adventurecon renamed to Adventure Gaming Expo

With the change of the name is a new website: Adventure Gaming Expo Folks try and sign up early, this will help out the sponsor make sure this is a big success!

Update (03/285/08)


I would love to meet folks in person! I will be at this year's Adventurecon as a special guest. It is in Atlantic city during labor day weekend. Just a heads up if anyone cares to attend!

Update (11/05/07)

LOTR vs. EQ2 and me

I am going to be playing Lord of the Rings Online allot less and Everquest 2 more. Folks have asked me why. I have related it a few times but figured I would post it here.
There are 3 main areas that the game LOTR is currently annoying me:

1) No mentoring. Friends that are 5+ levels apart have a hard time playing together without trivializing the experience for one another.

2) Auction House. As a seller it is a big pain in the end to have to constantly relist your items that don't sell. Especially if you are out in the field and get the items back in the mail and there is no AH nearby.

3) Guild controls. The guild system and its controls are very primitive compared to EQ2. Only 4 levels of membership and very little control over much about each level's rights.

There are tons of little things too that I miss all the time from EQ2. Auto -face target, group invis, group evacuation, pressing WWWWWW while in chat mode and having it go out in chat, no HQ quests.

There is allot I like about LOTR (graphics are still awesome as is the LOTR storyline) and since I have lifetime accounts I am by no means quitting.

I will see how the game develops over the years. Just for now I will be playing EQ2 allot more and LOTR a lot less!

To all my EQ2 guildmates, sorry for my divided loyalties the last few months, but at least LOTR has made me appreciate EQ2 all the more!

Update (07/03/07)

Priming the Pump: How TRS-80 Microcomputer Enthusiasts Helped Spark the PC Revolution

I’ve been reading this great book (Priming the Pump: How TRS-80 Microcomputer Enthusiasts Helped Spark the PC Revolution) about the rise of the TRS-80 and the people that made it happen. I highly recommend it to anyone who lived during the era of the TRS-80 or are curious about how one the linchpins of the computer revolution came about! You can order it directly from or search for it at your favorite online bookseller: “Priming the Pump”

Update (05/16/07)

Lord of the rings online

Have you tried Lord of the Rings Online? It is really very true to the source materials and a load of fun. For example in the books no one ever died and was resurrected (No Gandalf doesn't count and did he really die anyway?) So they don't have a health bar or healers. Insted you have Morale, which gets so low you will want to retreat from battle and there are minstrels who can sing a rousing song and boost your Morale! You get the idea!

Right now LOTR Online is the number one PC game in the US and Europe and for very good reason. They actually had a marvelously clean launch and already have the first content (free) update announced for June 2007. They have an incredible epic story line that puts you in to the story of LOTR and something on the order of 5,000 side quests to keep you interested if that is not enough.

I am playing on the Landroval server and have a branch of my EQ2 Vindicators guild there. I love the quests in the game and the lore and am actually playing my char more role-play.

Come join us!

Update (05/16/07)

AdventureCon Update!

The dates for the convention have been postponed now till 2008!

Update (02/26/07)

AdventureCon Update!

The dates for the convention have been changed to August 28th and 29th! Hope to see you there!

Update (02/15/07)


!!! Hello, Adventurer !!!

We are proud to announce that the legendary Scott Adams is a confirmed guest at AdventureCon.

In case you didn't know, Scott Adams is a true pioneer in the adventure game world. He was the first man to bring adventure games to home computers through his company Adventure International.  All told, he has written over 15 adventure games for various platforms.  I can go on and on about everything he's done from groundbreaking work to comic book crossovers to movie adaptations.

Instead, I direct you to the official Scott Adams site at

Here's an excellent Adventure International tribute site:

And finally, Malinche hosts an online version of Scott Adams' Adventureland:

We also have the official dates for AdventureCon - July 24th and July 25th.

We will be offering special "play and stay" packages for adventurers who register early.  At this point it looks like we'll have 75 such packages available and AdventureCon mailing list subscribers will get the first shot at these specials. These packages will save you money on your hotel room at the Mirage and on your AdventureCon show tickets.

Stay tuned for more!

Malinche Entertainment Corp., 1070H Route 34  PMB 190, Matawan, NJ 07747, USA


Update (02/28/06)

As many of you know I enjoy playing computer games. For the last 15 months I have been playing Everquest2 with a large number of good friends.


Vindicators ( the guild I run in Everquest2 now numbers 450+ characters with well over 100+ real people behind the avatars. We are one of the largest and oldest guilds in the game.


The guild itself recently turned level 30 and bought the best residence in the game at Number 2 Bayle Court in South Qeynos across from the magical tower.


Our members all worked long and hard on acquiring the city status and the items needed for our crafters to build the items in this house. Then our own Khal Minister of Events decorated our mansion. Here is a video of the guild house. I hope you enjoy it!


We will be having an open house in the game on March 5, 2006. Here is a link about the festivities leading up to the grand opening


If anyone is interested in playing with us you might want to try the free trial of EQ2 and see if it something you like or not. We are on the Antonia Bayle server which is role-play and non-PVP.

Update (11/16/05)

I was interviewed on Aggrome about my activities in Everquest 2.

Update 10/25/05

I added a link to Counterspy on the right column. I use it and recommend it. Note that I do get a percentage of sales from that link.

Update 7/20/05

Java script playable version added to links page.

Note Vindicators on EverQuest2 is now the largest guild on the most populous server. Always room for a few more friends!

Update 2/12/05

Adventure International Tribute site add to links page

Update 1/21/05

A new Atari 8 bit site has been added to links page

Update 11/16/04

Vindicators on the Antonia Bayle server is now alive and well  and looking for new friends. Everquest 2 is turning out to be allot of fun!

Update 10/26/04

Everquest 2 is launching Nov 8. I will be heading up a role player friendly guild there and invite all of you to join us. If interested please join the EverQuest yahoo group which you can find on my links page

Update (10/13/04)

I was interviewed on Mobhunter about my activities in Everquest. I also made a movie of my 5 character hydra and how I do it.

Update (10/04/04)

I was invited into the Everquest 2 beta last week and have been playing my sneaky, backstabbing little ratonga scout and having a blast. I plan to play good chars in retail so I selected the evil char during beta. The NDA prevents me at present from saying anymore. But if you search the web you will find more information on the major fan sites.

I have the game preordered and hope to see you all when it launches. Highly recommended.

Update (8/30/04)

Added a Hint Sheet Decoder spreadsheets, done by Danni Segal, to the  downloads section.

I am still playing City of Heroes. Currently main character is Flame Lock but I also play Great Scott on and off. Also playing Everquest while I wait for EQ2 to come out.

Update (5/17/04)

Added a number of excellent solution spreadsheets, done by Dr.  Ramu Rmanathan, to the downloads


 Update (5/2/04)

City of Heroes super-group Vindicators of Virtue is now active.

Update (4/30/04)

Did a little more work on the Inheritance, at this rate I should be done in about 5 years! 

Currently playing City of Heroes This a great fun MOG. My character is Great Scott defending Paragon City on the Virtue server. If you play CoH be sure and send me a tell or in game email. I am thinking of starting a Super Group called Vindicators when I reach level 10 (currently 8)

Good review thread here.

Update (3/10/04)

Modified the download pages to indicate the Windows versions of all the games work on Windows XP also.

Update (2/26/04)

Another teaser for the interview and and the handout being given at the show.

Update (2/18/04)

I am being interviewed on the web Sunday 29th February, 2.45pm GMT (that is 8:45 am central, 9:45 am eastern)

Click on the link in the middle (Play With Your Mind) to get the details.

If interested, you can attend via the web chat room.

Update (1/29/04)

Never say never when it comes to EverQuest. After not playing for 3 months I have reactivated EQ again. 

Read about my first night back here here. 

I am still involved in SWG and also playing Neverwinter Nights. 

Update (1/13/04)

I have cancelled all my EQ accounts as of December. I won't say it is permanent because you just never know! But at this point I would be really surprised if I ever return. Star Wars Galaxy (SWG) is one reason I quit Everquest. I also have played FFXI for awhile and currently have some open accounts there.

I am still playing and enjoying SWG. I now have 5 main characters on Chilastra. Mave, Maven, Maveni, Ardor and M'Scott Adams. Note that M'Scott is my guild holder and I do not play him much. The MaveX trio are played together as a hydra and Ardor is my artisan.

I did NOT get much work done on "The Inheritance" this December as I had hoped. Too much time spent with family, vacationing and playing games. 

I have been accepted into the Wish MOG beta. It is a very interesting next generation MOG. I will be keeping a Beta Journal which will be archived here:

Update (10/23/03)

Currently playing Star Wars Galaxy (SWG) on the Chilastra server as Mave and Maven. I am attempting to get a PA established. Having a blast there. I suspect I will return to Everquest someday but at the moment the force is strong...

The work on “The Inheritance" has been going slow but in December I expect to be getting back to it.

Update (04/17/03)

Back in Everquest again, you can read all about it here. 

I have been working on my next game “The Inheritance" and so far the introduction room and puzzles are completed. I am starting work on the next chapter. 

Also some minor updates to the FAQ page.

Update (02/28/03)

I am trying out Everquest on the Play Station 2. For me it is a much more casual game then the PC version and I can play for short periods of time easily. Read my first impressions here.

Update (02/20/03)

I have quit Everquest you can read my farewell here.

Update (02/10/03)

A big thank-you to Mickey Crocker for designing and implementing this new web site.

Visitors please let me know if you find any problems. As you may have seen, I am currently using a redirector from the original site to bring you here.

As side note, I am still playing Everquest on The Tribunal server. I play a hydra of 5 characters: Maev, Maeg, Maee, Maex and Maek. There is also has an opt-in email list you can join.

Update (12/29/02)

The new game is now tentatively titled “The Inheritance:
SAGA Bible Adventure #1”

Update (12/25/02)

The following was sent to the email lists…

Merry Christmas to all on my email lists!!!!

Some interesting news, today I started work on my next Adventure game.

It is totally written from scratch and is not a remake of any of my old adventures. It will use the same engine as Return To Pirate Island 2 and will have sound but no graphics.

The tentative name at this point is Bible Mansion. It will be based on the old testament of the bible and will require the use of same to play the game.

For those of you who know the power of prayer and feel so inclined would greatly appreciate all your prayers on this project.

I will be forming a beta team for it some time in 2003. I will send out an email to all asking for volunteers when I am ready.

Until then...

Happy Adventuring.

Upate (12/13/02)

There are now graphic versions of the classic games available; On the links page check out the Atari section and many thanks to Carlos Ruiz for the instruction text. BTW Note I am not longer playing Neocron but am still as always in Everquest!









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