The Free FULL Demo 


1. Click here to download  

2. When prompted select Open

3. Windows Xp users double click the file marked setup.exe.  Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 users will have to right click and select Run As Administrator. If you are asked if you want to keep a file that is newer then you should respond yes.

5. From the windows start button find Scott Adams Grand Adventures Full Demo folder and The Inheritance Full Demo

6. Start the game. 

Note there is an automatic save game system. The demo will attempt to save the game after every move wherever the game is installed, if that doesn't work it will place it in the user roaming data directory instead. This allows the game to be directly from a flash drive if desired.

There may be free patches/revisions to the demo in the future. Please be sure and join the SAGA Mailing List . Any patches will be announced via the list.


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