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Adventureland XL is a single player Conversational Adventure™ game redux based on the original Adventureland game created in 1978 by Scott Adams. Carefully crafted for new and returning players alike, your task is to recover thirteen lost treasures in the vast realm of Adventureland, perhaps discovering even greater mysteries along the way.
With over 25 maps featuring interactive play and full of Easter eggs to be discovered all wrapped in Scott Adams’ signature quirky sense of humor, Adventureland XL brings everything fans loved about the original game and more with a fresh 21st century take. From dragons to volcanoes and an eccentric old adventurer there is plenty to explore even for a classic player.
Packed with new features like an intuitive and user friendly UI designed by Todd Cowden, this game features new puzzles, an all-new original soundtrack composed by three-time Emmy Award-winning Russell Brower, full voice acting, and unique illustrations created specifically to bring Adventureland to life in your imagination.
Adventureland XL will soon be released on Steam for Early Access.
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Coming to Steam - Early Access - Begins Black Friday / November 29th ... See MoreSee Less

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