Adventureland XL

Developing for Amazon Alexa and other platforms

Teaser Trailer for Adventureland XL

Adventureland XL is the redux of the first-ever text-based adventure game created by Scott Adams and Adventure International in 1978, Adventureland. Adventureland XL is a new Conversational Adventure™ game for new and returning players alike in which your task is to recover lost treasures. While this re imaging has much of the old game which many players love, this new title comes rocketing into the 21st century jam-packed with new puzzles, characters, music, art, and treasures just waiting to be discovered! Can you rescue the Blue Ox from the quicksand? Or survive the traps of the ancient ruins?

Happy Adventuring…

Introducing Adventurer Scott

Forty years ago a dashing, young explorer sought out and stumbled upon the realm known as Adventureland. Known in history for its beautiful old objects and precious gems, Scott believed something even more valuable was waiting to be uncovered: The Spirit of Adventure! Elated at his discovery, he scoured the land far and wide, slowly adding knick knacks to his collection. But there was a problem he hadn’t anticipated; once within the realm, he couldn’t find his way out! And there was that pesky dragon to deal with…

Forty years passed and Adventurer Scott became old, worn, and eccentric. He had set up camp well away from Adventureland’s sparse inhabitants and quickly learned the quickest routes to and from various landmarks. This is where you, the Player, come in by helping Adventurer Scott finish his quest

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