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Scott Adams Grand Adventures

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Link to Everquest items.

Movie of Mx5 my Everquest Hydra


Links to other sites about Scott Adams' Adventures

AI Memorial

GetLamp: Interview

Dec 1980 Byte Magazine Cover Article by Scott Adams

Adventure International History Page

Adventure Game History Page

SarangWorld Adventure Game Mapping Project

Adventure International Tribute Site


Web Playable versions:

Web Playable Java Versions

Web Playable Adventures

German Pirate Adventure


Mac, Java, Unix and other ports here:

The Interactive Fiction Archive


Atari Versions:

Instruction file to setup Atari 800 Adventures

Atari 8 Bit


More sites about Scott’s Adventure games:

Paul Doherty's Adventure Page.

C64 Game Guide

Original Colossal Caves Adventure (not by Scott Adams!)

David Keil's TRS-80 Simulator for PC

Atari 400/800 cartridges etc

Games for the HP 48

Classic Adventures Solution Archives

Museum of Computer Adventure Game


Interviews etc:

Matt Chat Part I

Matt Chat Part II

Matt Chat Part III

Programmers Heaven - Are Games more fun now?

Storytelling in Computer Games

SlashDot discussion on Storytelling

Interview at a British website from the 1980s

Infinite Frontiers interview

Aggro Me interview

PC Gamer April 2001 Page 56. No link available though.

A History of Interactive Fiction

Birmingham UK User Group Interview