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Hello to Everquest

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Mx5 is back ... Sort of...

Ok when I left ( ) and folks either flamed me, said goodbye nicely or some even said I would be back....

Well they were right of course, sort of...

I have reactivated some of my EQ accounts. I plan to currently play only a 3 man hydra (chanter, druid, bard) and not the 5 man group of before. So Mx5 is no more, I am more of an Mx3 now.

After I left EQ back in February I found allot more time to do other things. Yea!

I worked it out so I now play on the computer a third of my previous time and make room for more real life activities.

With my more manageable time frame of computer play I tried a number of other games. The single player games like Never Winter Nights and Sim City were fun but I found the lack of player interaction made them sterile.

I tried a few other MOGs, AC2 and EQOA and they were OK. I started missing the utility spells and the depth of EQ PC (believe it or not I even missed Corpse Runs!)

Anyway I got rid of 2 computers since my Mx5 days and now have set my bard to be the light tank of my hydra. This way I can group with just about anyone as I run across them, true tanks, clerics, rogues, int casters etc. With 3 slots open I can either solo my hydra or fill it out with friends.

One of the things I dislike in EQ PC is the downtime after a fight. Downtime is always related to manna. I know you can buy KEI in the bazaar etc, but I do not like having to take time to search for it. I also do not like to have to search for a group. After all that is why I play a hydra. Anyway with my chanters clarity doing 6 manna/tick and the bards clarity (at 32) doing 5/tick I will get 11/tick which compares very favorable with KEI at 14/tick.

Right now I am enjoying power leveling my bard up with my other two chars. I got him from level 12 to 24 over the weekend (used up most of my playtime). I love playing support chars and like stopping and helping other players as I can. This part of EQ has always been fun to me. That is why all my main chars have been hybrids or support chars. The only two things I will miss with my new mini-hydra is Rez and Corpse Summon. Oh well can't have everything lol.

I am hoping I will have little downtime and will be able to get in and play for shorter periods. I still have no intention of doing guild raids or doing quests where you have to camp for a mob. The other aspects of EQ PC though are fun and I enjoy my druids ability to move my hydra around the world quickly via ports and sow.

Anyway for those who said I would be back or that EQ PC was the most fun of all the MOGs I have to say I agree and you were right.

I will not be playing as much but in my limited time I will still enjoy the adventures of Norrath.

I also will be back posting here on the boards and asking questions and also helping where I can.

I know I will get some nasty flames on this thread but I had to be honest and tell the truth. Please don't roast me too bad.

I am trying to come up with a catchy last name for my Kitty Bard Maew (Meow?). Right now my best one is Myx. I am open to other suggestions though.

Mx5 is back ... sort of...

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