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Return To Pirate's Island 2

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A Scott Adams Grand Adventure Game

After a 15-year wait, the anticipation is finally over with Scott Adams latest installment. Yes, the master of adventure games, The Chief Adventurer himself is back!

Imagine a world where your imagination replaces your senses. A world full of sea, sand, pirates and treasure ! You wake up in a boat, not knowing your purpose, but as you find your sea legs and begin to explore, many tasks are unraveled. Solve the various puzzles and use your wits to conquer the mysteries of the island. The original adventure master is back with his best creation yet, "Return to Pirates Island 2". A fun game that will appeal to the whole family.

Say "YOHO” turn around - and suddenly you are there! Explore a pirate's world through your mind's eye...

After 3+ years of development, interactive fiction's finest is ready to send you on an adventure of the high seas utilizing the latest in text-based gaming!

  • Extensive help system
  • Multi-windowed interface.
    * Visually challenged users please see note at end of this ad
  • Non-violent G rated fun game
  • Custom engineered sound effects
  • Interactive natural language parsing
  • Appealing to the whole family, young and old alike!

Scott Adams’ latest adventure will have you enraptured, day and night, in a world of excitement and suspense.

Your goal: To collect a set of *treasures*, some hidden well and some hidden, well ... right in front of your nose! Visit exotic locales, find sunken treasure, work with the crusty old pirate, put up with obstinate sea creatures and even learn to really hate alarm clocks! Yes, that Scott Adams sense of humor is back too!

Download it now!

Then pull up a chair...

And get ready for a journey to lands never seen.

Happy sailings Matey!

* Note that RTPI2 has a special single window mode for those desiring to use a windows text reader with the game.

Adventures | Return To Pirate's Island 2 | RTPI 2 Testimonials | RTPI 2 Order Form

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